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Are You Evangelizing or Discipling?

Mark 6:12-14

God is transitioning us from solely evangelizing to discipling people. God called the 12 disciples. If God has called you by the preaching of the gospel, he has also called you to preach the gospel. Not saying that every person is ordained or wears a backwards collar, but for every person that is born again there is an ordained mandate to win the lost. Jesus ordained the 12 and sent them out two by two. Mark 6:7 Jesus gave them power over unclean spirits. God has equipped you to do what he has called you to do. God has spiritually empowered you to do what He has called you to.

V8 Jesus said don’t take anything on this journey. He wants to strip us from anything we think we need in the natural because we have been called to a supernatural endeavor.

God is going to put some super on your natural. God does not want you to take anything because when you get there God is going to see the power of God working on your behalf. So nobody will be able to get credit for what God is going to do through you. The only person that will get glory is God. God is going to make us look like we are in a deficit.

1) Evangelism. “And they went out.”v12 Jesus did not call them to stay but to go. God does not give you power for the church house, but for the drug house/crack house/alcohol lost. God said I did not call you to stay in the church but I sent you out to draw people out of darkness into the marvelous light.

God has called us to win souls. We are the hands, feet and mouthpiece of Jesus. God will take His Spirit and put it in an earthen vessel called you and I and use us as hands to draw people out of darkness into the marvelous light. A disciple is supposed to go out and win souls of Jesus Christ.

When you get to heaven, God will ask us who did we love and who did you bring with you.

2) Empowerment. “And preached that men should repent.”V12 The preaching of the gospel should lead people to repentance. Repent (Greek)=a change of mind, to think differently or outwardly; a compulsion to do things different.

Repentance is not confession. Confession is agreement with God that you are wrong and He is right. Repentance is a transformation of one’s mind. It’s not the turn of one’s life but the turn of one’s mind. Whatever direction your mind goes, your life will ultimately follow it. If you get transformed in your mind, the world can’t conform you into its image (Rom 12:1-2).

3)Engaging. V “and they cast out many devils”. The disciple has been empowered to fight devils. God did empower us to have church, to sing songs and pass the plate. But He has empowered us to confront devils. You have the power in your mind, mouth and ministry to cast out devils. Eph 6 put on the whole armor of god that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil, not to run from him. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against demonic powers. Belt of truth, Breastplate of righteousness, feet shod with preparation of gospel of piece, helmet of salvation, sword of Spirit and above all the shield of faith. God does not give us anything to protect our backs, because when the enemy attacks us, we should never run. When we humble ourselves in the sight of the Lord, God will lift us up. Satan has no authority over our lives. God has our back. We must face the enemy. Whatever that is coming against you, you’ve got to face it. We’ve got too much power to be running from the enemy. When Jesus faced demonic spirits, it was the devils that asked Jesus to leave them alone.

4)Intimacy. “And anointed with oil many that were sick.”

James 5:16 if any among you are sick, let the…

We come into contact with people that are sick. There has got to be a sense of intimacy. You cannot help people that you will not touch. We are not to cast out devils from a distance and speak blessings from a distance. We were nasty too before we got saved, and if Jesus can touch us when we were not saved, we should be willing to touch others. God is looking for intimacy. The man at the gate called beautiful it says that Peter took him by his right hand and the man went leaping and walking and praising God.

5)Impartation. “and healed them.”

When Jesus laid hands on them, the power that was in Jesus became power that was in them. We have to impart something into those that are hurting and give them the ability to get up from the place that they are in. The woman with the issue of blood touched the hem of Jesus’ garment and virtue left Jesus. When was the last time that someone came in contact with you and left with joy instead of sorrow and received what they need from the Lord.

Then Herod heard of Jesus.

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